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HBO "dun-dun-it" again. Just watched the second episode of "How To Make It In America" and I can truly appreciate TV again. Anyone with a hustlers ambition can respect the writing and production of this series. It's basically Entourage for us regulars, it doesnt have the million dollar phone deals or the fairy tale endings, its more believable. Basically the show focuses on two guys doing whatever it takes to make it on top without going the traditional route. Don't want to give away too much so check it on HBO Sunday nights... Kid Cudi is in it (which makes it wacker to me, he's playing the cool black guy that doesn't have a care in the world, hopefully that changes).

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The folks of Barrelhouse are probably some of
the most creative and inspirational young brothers
I've met. Not only do they producce their own
event in Brooklyn, but they're putting together
an album/mixtape, opening a fashion boutique,
and currently running a multimedia group.
I found a lot a simillarities with these dudes, Ashani
& Akeem, and we are sure to be working with each
other to blend concepts and bring something dope.
Heart Gallery x Barrelhouse!

I will definetly keep yall posted on them, for now
you can check out their blog,
(currently shitting on this one, lol)

Amber Rose (Today) X Grace Jones (80's)

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Now go see if your chick can do this.

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