My Photo Escape in DUMBO (first time shooting)

posted by Femzel Washington , Friday 4/30/2010

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin

posted by Cue Gibson , Thursday 4/29/2010

Whats Cooler than "QOOL"?

posted by Cue Gibson 4/29/2010

The World Is Us x Dark Kent x All Eyes On Who presents....

"The Qool"

A photo shoot inspired event featuring special performances by

MORUF "MOO" ADEWUNMI, New Jersey's own, a breath of fresh air in the form of organic hip hop. Through dazzling wordplay, and a innovative flow, Moo is here to stay & only plans to progress as the future is neer. Keep a keen eye on his mixtape "Garden State of Mind" (The Prequal) & also

THEOPHILUS LONDON.... Brooklyn electro rap sensation. He bridges hip-hop, indie-rock, pop & soul witch all equals out to some of the most beutiful & groovy music you've ever heard in your life. Having already dropped 2 mixtapes, "Jam!" & "This Charming Mixtape" he is already at the top of the charts touring everywhere from London to Cali to NY & back. Look for his 3rd mixtape coming soon & also check out more about him here >

Hosted by: NJ Street Klan (Jersey Klan) - A.L.I.E.N.

EZRAKH on the 1's & 2's


Jarett Storm Huneke Check out his work @

Sean Starr Atherley Check out his work @

21+ $10 (LADIES) $15 (GUYS) - getcha ID game up....

It's a picture party! let your imagination take over on whatever you want to wear, throw on your GROOVIEST ATTIRE (This Is A PHOTO SHOOT), lets take some SUPER ILL FLIX, have some drinks, meet new people, vibe, show love, give love, get love & ENJOY what will be an amazing show that you will never forget....

Low Rider Bike RAFFLE...sponsored by The World Is Us X Dark Kent X IzA trend X Dead Stock ($5) ....


Saladin the poet @ Dolce hG.II :: heART Gallery Classics

posted by Cue Gibson , Tuesday 4/27/2010

one of the best home grown poets that we are always proud to grant a platform to exibit his raw art. this brother can grant you insight make you laugh but never slip away from reality.

Saladin the Poet from heart gallery on Vimeo.

Joya Bravo @ Joe's Pub: HG Alumni

posted by Femzel Washington , Wednesday 4/07/2010

Joya Bravo - Joe's Pub Concert, Pt. 1 from Kibber Films/Jackpot in the West on Vimeo.

I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.