About HG

What New Jersey Needs. In the middle of the chaos that can be New Jersey, in-between the government scandals, violent outbreaks and spiked hair celebrities, there is a gem that lies just beneath the surface.

The heART Gallery is the diamond of New Jersey’s rapidly progressing cultural arts scene.

Since its beginning in the Summer of 2009, initially operating out of Dolce in Elizabeth, NJ, the heART Gallery (held the last Sunday of each month) has consistently found fresh new vendors selling everything from clothes to candles. Hosting live artists, painting anything from contemporary to modern to black art. And some of the best up and coming musical talent that one could find. Now in the New Year, they have a new home (The Loft. 8 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ) but the same passion that has been the key to their success thus far.

There’s no denying that The heART Gallery has been a breath of fresh air for anyone who has found themselves in attendance. Including founders RodneyRikai Thomas, Femi Adedoyin and Cue Gibson. “There was definitely a void here in New Jersey. Having gone to school in North Carolina and lived in a couple of different places like DC, Atlanta and Las Vegas, I was wondering what New Jersey was missing when I moved back. Then one day it hit me, ‘where’s the dope stuff’?” Thomas who usually hosts and sings, says. “There was one spot called Voro’s that used to be dope, but then that got shut down and there was literally nothing else that even remotely intrigued me. I got approached about The heART Gallery and I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of”.

And ever since then they’ve been on a path to build New Jersey up, brick by brick, the way they envision it to be.

“There’s so much potential here (in Jersey). I go to New York often, and half of the people I meet, people I never would have guessed, are rom New Jersey. It’s crazy! They shouldn’t have to travel out of state, even if it is only a 15 minute ride to the city. They can get what they want right here with us”, former club promoter Femi Adedoyin states. And he’s right, in that a number of the artists on the underground music scene, who are familiar names in New York, grew up right across the tunnel in New Jersey. From more known names like Chinah Blac, to up and comers like Mo0 (a fixture at The heART Gallery), the talent pool in New Jersey is far from shallow. But The heART Gallery is not just about giving Jersey artists a platform. “We definitely wouldn’t want to limit ourselves by having people thinking this is just a ‘Jersey thing’. We’re doing this for New Jersey, so there’s a huge difference. We’ve had acts come from as far as Seattle (theeSatisfaction) and even London (Louise Browne). We want anyone, from anywhere, if they’re good enough, to come and show out. The event just happens to be in Jersey”.

They have a genuine passion for everything that their event has to offer: Music, Fashion, Poetry & Art. They regularly listen to acts that have graced the HG stage like Joya Bravo, Jesse Boykins III, Sonyae Elise and Talonted just as much as they listen to more well-known mainstream artists. On any given day you can catch one of them in a t-shirt from any of the clothing lines that have sold merchandise at their event and they even have artwork hanging in their homes from some of the artists who have painted. That’s how much they love what they’re doing, and that’s why they’re so passionate about The heART Gallery.

The heART Gallery is dope. And there isn’t any reason to think that that’s going to change anytime soon. They’ve already enlisted the services of some ‘A’ level talent for the upcoming months and a partnership with one of the more popular online magazine company’s should solidify that ‘HG’ isn’t going anywhere, anytime in the near future, unless they decide to.

“We’re definitely interested and have been contacted about doing it (The HG) in some other states. A lot of people out of state are very intrigued by what we do and want to participate but they live so far. So don’t be surprised if you see HG in like DC or Atlanta or somewhere outside of Jersey”, RodneyRikai exposes. “We’d be foolish not to consider anything that can further along or create opportunity for the vendors, artists, performers or The HG brand.”

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