Sonyae Elise - We Heard (RETWEET) (HG ALUMNI)

posted by Femzel Washington , Monday 6/28/2010

Sonyae Elise 'We Heard' (ReTweet) from j hatch on Vimeo.

So proud of Sonyae's blooming career, this vid is easily one everyone should love, full of style, character, and raunchiness... why wouldn't it be??


posted by ketsyap2489 6/28/2010

I had to put this event flyer up, it's one of the coolest/creativie flyers I have seen in a long time!!! Check the show out it'son July 1st; sponsered by Blackflaggshoppe.. So check it out

Kickball Anyone???

posted by Femzel Washington , Saturday 6/26/2010

A few weeks back, Stef Boyett and I decided to gather some people up for a simple game of kickball... Who knew 50 people would show up??  Anyway here are some of the pics from both weeks we played.  Thanks to everyone that came out...







You Never See it Coming, You Just Get to See it Go...

posted by Femzel Washington , Friday 6/25/2010

Unless you're Oprah or BillGates (both of whom frequent my blog... In my head)...  most of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make will involve that magical emotion: LOVE.  Whether its love for a craft, a place, or that special someone, you will need to decide if its best if you stick with it or if you should let it go. Letting go is the most difficult of the two but if you delay it, it will only get tougher.

Last week I was laid off from my job. Hold the sympathy and the "it will be okays" because next to having my leg broken, that's the single most important thing that has happened to me on this road toward rediscovering/reinventing myself. Sounds weird, I know.  But when I broke my leg.... It slowed my busy @$$ down and let me smell roses that had been sitting beneath me for years.  Then once I had a plan in motion, I knew the next important step would be for me to quit my job.  Needless to say, God heard my cries and on the 4th day returning to work from disability, they laid my butt smooth off.  So now I can collect a li'l severance, go back to school and not be pressed looking for a job in the meantime.  A few people closest to me couldn't really understand my drive and they have found it hard to be happy for me and to them I say: I'm the winner see my prize. You're the loser who sits and cries. LOL.

Since last Thursday, I've gained a super hero strength!!  I felt like that move has sparked or better yet, has surged a power in me to decide what I need to stand clear of, what I need to separate myself from and what I need to keep the ball rolling with.  Not everyone or everything will make the cut. And it will be hard to say goodbye... But dammit, GOODBYE!  I'm no longer hanging on to relationships that are no good for me.  I'm no longer living in situations where I can't find longevity. I'm no longer LOOKING for anything!!  Have you ever driven down an unfamiliar road in search of a gas station, searching and searching when your not even sure if one will be found. Well I'm off that road!!  I'm on Route 22 (google it you people far, far away) and not only is there a dozen gas stations, there's restaurants, entertainment stores, a supermarket and every other pointless to absolute necessary business manufacturing your every desire!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm making it sound easy when I know moving on is a very tough decision to make.  But that's only because we ALL fear something new or starting over or taking risks.  No one wants to leave security, that all too familiar comfort zone, and what you've invested so much time in.  But keep it real, are you really enjoying it?  Not just happy... Because happy is circumstantial and has no longevity.  I'm taking about REAL joy. So even when you're mad or hurt or upset, you know that there's nowhere else in the world you would rather be.  Anyone or anything may be able to put a smile on your face, but who or what will keep that smile up there??  Ok this is getting cheesy lol. Bottom line, drop the excess in order to make progress (man that was smooth, and right off the top).

He never reads my blogs, but in case he sees this... Know that I love you with all my heart, now and forever more. Thank you for it all.

And for the one who does read it, don't cheat yourself. Have no regrets. Do what you love and love what you do. I'll miss ya!! Oh and keep that tat clean and moisturized daily =)

A liberating experience for the both of us... The value of love, peace and friendship...

"Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they are meant to be there; they serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or help you figure out who you are."  

SB: If a situation is looking like something you've done before and the outcome was no bueno, do yourself a favor and retreat. I did. And I feel like a wiser, stronger woman. Remember, fool me once...

Written by Jariah Baker.

J.Cole - "WHO DAT"

posted by Femzel Washington 6/25/2010

J. Cole - Who Dat (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Smooth Sounds

posted by ketsyap2489 , Thursday 6/24/2010

So of course Lauryn Hill & Ziggy Marley are legends in there own rite. So i'm a big youtube fan & of course i stumble upon a performance that they were doing in Jamaica. Doing there own rendition of "Redemption" song by Bob Marley.

THE ROOTS X Money Making Jam Boys

posted by Cue Gibson , Friday 6/18/2010

Money Making Jam Boys... Highline Ballroom NYC 6/15/10 from Samuel Rogers on Vimeo.

Young Chris - Moon & Stars

posted by Cue Gibson 6/18/2010


posted by ketsyap2489 , Wednesday 6/16/2010

Hopefully i see u guys today!!! So defenitly show luv.. the info on the flyer.. here are is a lil some of the artists/poets that will be there tonight..

Coffee Cave
45 Halsey St
Newark Nj

Street Art

posted by ketsyap2489 , Tuesday 6/15/2010

So I did my lil adventure in Newark today (which i do once in awhile) and i saw this cool truck so i told my cousin to take a pic of the van.... Definitely pay attention to ur surroundings..

Sonyae Elise

posted by Cue Gibson , Monday 6/14/2010

YOU gotta love Sonyae. a young woman with paramount Talent that is truly gifted. the Good Folks of the heART Gallery highly recommend Lady Rebel not because she is part of our HG Alumi but simply because her content is DOPE. check the video and download the mixtape

Sonyae Elise - Lady Rebel


posted by ketsyap2489 6/14/2010

Ok there are 3 events that you need to attend. Check below:

Fancy Fantasy

posted by Cue Gibson , Sunday 6/13/2010

2 out of My Top 3. (sanaa lathan is #1)

Jaden Smith one The David Letterman show

posted by Cue Gibson , Friday 6/11/2010

Ultra Funny/ Witty Kid.. ran circles around

DRAKE - TimWestwood Freestyle. (dude spilt)

posted by Cue Gibson 6/11/2010

Who is eLLe VIE

posted by ketsyap2489 6/11/2010

While everyone is waiting for Ms.Hill to return, there has surfaced a new artist that has started to make a buzz for herelf in theNJ/NY area. Her name is ElleVie and her style reminds many of Lauryn Hill. Check out her website and download Mista Mista

And they say they only sell it in NYC

posted by ketsyap2489 6/11/2010

So i heard about this GOODWOOD NYC but guess who is selling it.. Blackflaggshoppe Baby!!
Blackflag Shoppe exclusive collabo piece, inlimited quantity. Call 973.478.4178 for more info.Now Available @ The Blackflag Shoppe (244 Lakeview Ave. Clifton, NJ 07621)


posted by Cue Gibson , Thursday 6/10/2010

The heART Gallery is back this month June 27th 6-10pm @ The Loft in Montclair, NJ 8 Lackawanna Plaza. Celebrating black music month, but we love everybody! Come out and kick it.


I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.


posted by ketsyap2489 , Wednesday 6/09/2010

So they just put this video up on youtube.. Paulie Hussle from Real Deal Radio gives an exclusive tour of Blackflag Shoppe.. pretty dope!!

check the store out:
Blackflag Shoppe
244 Lakeview Avenue
Clinton NJ 07011

Wiz Khalifa - Mezmorized & UP

posted by Cue Gibson 6/09/2010

Had to post this. its Vids to my fav joints off Kush&OJ



posted by ketsyap2489 , Tuesday 6/08/2010


Well the purpose of the blog series is to inspire,expand, promote indiviality and give people an insight of different blogs in New Jersey. Here is the next blog/website being

DBK- DirtyBackPackKrew

posted by ketsyap2489 6/08/2010

DirtyBackPackKrew is Confident about there movement.. When you meet Patrick Silverthorne, Lenny Williams, and Christian Balbin (owners of DBK) You will see why I love there brand/movement. Last month they were feat on "THE Blog Series" and the show was GREAT!!!!!

Remember website & online store will be open June 15th

Apple iPhone 4G

posted by Cue Gibson 6/08/2010

Feel free to Flush you BLACK BERRY Down the Toilet
(caution::may need Plunger)

So in the event you Stuck under a rock today, or was some how temporarily exiled from socity.. and missed thee Most Awesome thing ever presented since my 4th grade science project..Im here to fill you in.
So in San Fransisco apple reviled what happens when Dreams come true. the New iPhone 4th Generation.

"Apple CEO Steve Jobs opened the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference today by announcing the latest iPhone incarnation, the iPhone 4. As expected, the latest handset features a high-resolution display, a faster processor, and video calling, but it also sports unexpected additions like a new antenna and a gyroscope. It will be available exclusively with AT&T starting June 24. The price with service is fair--$199 for the 16GB phone or $299 for the 32GB device--and both models come in white and black versions"

For More:;contentBody

Willie The Kid - Aviation

posted by Cue Gibson 6/08/2010

i played this like 10times today.

ive always been a Fan of this gentleman. glad to see his project is taking off in the right direction. Click play and listen to him Spill on a Loop of the bridge of The Roots - The Love of My Life

If you liked'll enjoy mixtape (thats if you can find it)

CUDA Culture- Community for Urban Art

posted by ketsyap2489 6/08/2010

Please Support Urban Arts!!! Check Out for more info


posted by Cue Gibson , Monday 6/07/2010


Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

THE SMOOTH OFF - Diddy X Aziz Ansari

posted by Cue Gibson , Sunday 6/06/2010

these guys are hilarious


posted by Cue Gibson 6/06/2010

The exhibition featured a number of integral pieces over A Bathing Ape’s formative years and was held at the BAPE GALLERY in Kyoto.


Only JERSEY music can satisfy Me!!!

posted by ketsyap2489 , Saturday 6/05/2010

Yesterday driving from Jersey City & of course it's HOT!!! as hell.. but the sounds of The Fugees distracted me from all this heat.. Listening to The Score brought a smile to my face.. Man Jersey music is the best!!!!

NBK Artists Junction

posted by ketsyap2489 6/05/2010

So i made it to 1 out of the 2 events yesterday which was NBK Artist Junction in Jersey City. I brought along my cousin and my friend Kenneth ; I had to ssupport my boy Lorenzo Artist Pickett!! but anyways I was so heated when I began to sync my pics into my laptop and it only retrieved 4 out of 56 pics I took; but I'll just feature Dekon Blak's Photo's for now..

What's Your Plans for Today? Jersey Stand Up

posted by ketsyap2489 6/05/2010

ok!! ummm my nite was interesting but check these events out.. If you're a true MC or just a hip-hop head check out Hip Hop Karaoke tonight!! it's going down!! If you think you can rock the mic right.. Check it out!!

If you like going to art events/benefits (which I like myself) check Cure For All which the funds benefit Converse 4 a Cure which brings awareness to Sickle Cell and Safehouse Shelter for battered woman ; There will be art being displayed/music

Info below:

Grown Simba:: Cue hairCUT

posted by Cue Gibson 6/05/2010

7years gone in 10minutes.

ive been apprehensive about getting my hair cut for months now. and this morning i woke with cojones big enough to call my barber and the hommies and Chop it all off. are the pics of the moment.

special thanks to:
Stefan Boyett (K.I.N.G)
& everyone who supported the change

I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.