posted by Cue Gibson , Wednesday 9/29/2010

Motovational spoken word in a ivy league setting. Video also features fashions from Ralph Lauren Rugby and BKcircus. Also feat is Jessie Boykins who once performed at the heART Gallery

The Black Ivy from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.

The Black Ivy serves as a tribute to the first black colleges that paved the way for our generation and created a common ground for hardworking, likeminded individuals. What the original Black Ivy league did for folks many years ago is what we strive to do today with individuals that inspire, motivate and spark the creativity of beings around them.

New Artist - J.Nolan - Preparation

posted by Addo 9/29/2010

New Artist from the ATL- Check it out.I can Dig it.
Preparation of Life.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble "Deliver the Word" feat Aloe Blacc

posted by Addo , Monday 9/27/2010

Real Music......Simple Taste of Life's Different Flavors. Can ya Dig it?
This was recorded in L.A and Directed by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Great Inspiration in music from his ensemble of musicians who pave a new wave of creating music live and direct to many of his fans. With his innovative style of playing the violin, he's had the chance to work on The latest album done by Bilal featuring his ensemble in many of his songs. When i say its Dope, mannnnn its Dope. So Check it out.

E V E N T: the heART Gallery Sept' Edition. (this sunday)

posted by Cue Gibson , Thursday 9/23/2010

The heART Gallery is back SEPTEMBER 26th with more of the culture that you've been looking for. Come hang out with us from 6-10pm as we give you a night of Chill. Wine Tasting, Poetry, Art & Photography displays, Fashion, Vendors and of course Live Bands w/ Elite Vocal talent.


posted by Cue Gibson , Monday 9/20/2010

New Vid frm Mourf Adewumni. this Joint is a Dope example of Organic tunes. some real verses that shed insight on his lifestyle and persona.

in short.."SPY SEE".


Rooftop Thoughts by Moruf from Adam Saewitz on Vimeo.

Night Visions

posted by ketsyap2489 9/20/2010

There will be a reception on Friday, September 24, 2010, from 5-9 pm, open to the public - with refreshments and an opportunity to meet the artists. This exhibition will also be part of Newark’s Open Doors event, a weekend celebration of the arts with a Friday night gallery crawl and a Sunday afternoon open studio tou...r. For more information on Newark Open Doors, go to:

The College of Architecture and Design Gallery (COAD)is located on the corner of MLK Blvd. and Warren St. in Newark, NJ – 367 MLK Blvd. We’re open Monday through Friday (9am-4pm)
Thanks Leslie for the info...


posted by Cue Gibson , Saturday 9/18/2010

Kanye West featuring Mos Def Swizz Beatz Raekwon Charlie Wilson -Lord Lord Lord by Hypetrak

Bilal- "Is this Love" Bob Marley Cover

posted by Addo , Friday 9/17/2010

Definitely a treasure from Bilal. Not many can remake a cover song and do it well with something opposite from its genre. But this artist is never far from making his creative flow in music a reality. No Restriction when it comes to Art. Enjoy this New Video and Cover Song!

Welcome to Supa's World

posted by ketsyap2489 , Thursday 9/16/2010

Brian Shockley


For all my lighters, writers, and all-nighters..dedicated to this flow, and the currents that fight us

If it wasn't for those fire wouldn't ignite us, but I still go hard in spite of.

For yall this is a night of Poetry.

For the molten unspoken mind, awake this earthquake with the faults in my lines

Experience the thought as it chills through your spine,

Find the heat of where the passionate meet intertwined

It's time for Poetry

Addin adlibs for the advits and havin automatics for the sporatics..

And If these PAPERless picture painted on a HARD place cant make the cut,

then I'll take my chances with the Scissors to prevent from tearin up

Glances at rear visions places fear in us..that we'll keep lookin

Or even worse..that we won't, thats as deep as the last couple breaths that I took in

How do I give you Poetry

If the creator stopped on every writer's block to wait to be inspired

Then a pause after every thought would be all that was required…

I would rather be nameless than aimless..

What is in a force, with no direction..a disaster with more remorse than discression

So to remain sane I must maintain the current course as I regret one

I will never be done..with Poetry

Even when im as cold as the snow and soaked wit dry rain.

It is my place to stand and face every rhymic bang, of the methaphoric gun behind my verbal exchange

As I purge the untamed..It will forever surge thru my veins..not even these words explain..

My name is Poetry.

Are You Lost in Love?

posted by ketsyap2489 , Monday 9/13/2010

Check out upcoming artist Steeve Sam mini video of the makings of the LOST IN LOVE mixtape. He just performed with the artist Wise at this recent Heart Gallery @ The Loft..

Lost In Love Listening session from A Nu Day Media on Vimeo.

John Legend & The Roots - Little Ghetto Boy

posted by Addo , Saturday 9/11/2010

Brand New Video Release! This soon to come album is musically writing history. Definitely a Dope Album to hold on to. Enjoy and vibe out.

SureThingTV: heART Gallery

posted by Cue Gibson , Friday 9/10/2010


posted by ketsyap2489 , Tuesday 9/07/2010

ART 21 is an amazing artistic series on contemporary artists. It includes a full video series on PBS and a vast website with interviews, video excerpts, interviews, and sideshows of contemporary artists work. So guys if you like art or interested in art check out ART:21 out..

Watch the full episode. See more ART:21.

DreamLand by Andy Allo ft. Blu Music Video

posted by Addo , Monday 9/06/2010

Swimming in Dopeness. Smooth Vibes

ASHER ROTH - G.R.I.N.D (Get Ready Its a New Day)

posted by Cue Gibson , Sunday 9/05/2010


posted by Cue Gibson , Saturday 9/04/2010

Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress by Hypetrak

perhaps one of my favorite songs off of Ye' up comming album Good Ass Job

I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.